About us
American Compliance Services, LTD, is owned and operated by Wendy Plank Davis, a Certified Asbestos Consultant (CAC) and CDPH Certified Lead Inspector/Assessor, Project Monitor, Project Designer, and Supervisor. She assumes direct responsibility for all projects, and is fully committed to meeting customer requirements. She founded ACS after managing Safety, Occupational Health, and Environmental compliance at a DuPont lead product manufacturing site in California for over fifteen years. Following her tenure with DuPont, she worked six years with Professional Services Industries (PSI) to gain a variety of asbestos consulting experience, and passed the Asbestos Consultant’s exam in 2001.

ACS provides a wide range of safety and industrial hygiene services utilizing our trained, certified, and licensed professional staff. Our staff resources consist of certified and EPA accredited professionals who are highly knowledgeable regarding regulations and compliance requirements, and have extensive expertise in the evaluation and control of workplace compliance issues. ACS has provided these services to clients in a variety of sectors including federal and state government, municipalities, school districts, petroleum companies, energy providers, manufacturing facilities, commercial offices, and retail property management companies as well as the construction industry.

ACS provides building surveys for asbestos, lead, and mold prior to disturbing the building material through renovation or demolition. The resulting reports are used for the abatement contractor to bid from; Review of the abatement contractor’s required documentation prior to the start of abatement; The collection and analysis of asbestos perimeter air samples during abatement activities to detect any prior contamination or breach in containment or regulated boundary, and to monitor work practices during these activities; The review of work practices and documentation during abatement activities to ensure compliance with the project specifications and applicable regulations; Provide project documentation of field work and materials removed, including photographs; Inspect and approve containment barriers and control methods prior to abatement; Provides Final Clearance Inspections and air or wipe sampling following abatement for Clearance.